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    Gun Cleaning Solvents

    Powder and copper fouling cleaners for rifles and handguns

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    Birchwood Bore Scrubber, 5oz

    Bore-cleaning solvent. Dissolves powder fouling and jacketing deposits.

    Break-Free Powder Blast, 454gm

    Pressure-pack citrus oil solvent cleaner.

    Butch's Bore Shine, 8oz

    Designed by well known bench rest competitor Butch Fisher, this non-abrasive chemical solvent is specifically designed to remove all forms of bore fouling including copper with an absolute minimum of effort and no damage. It will quickly remove carbon build-up, even in difficult to clean areas like the chamber throat. It also removes lead, wax and even plastic shotgun wad build up. Safe on stainless barrels

    Gunslick Copper Klenz 4oz

    Gunslick copper and powder solvent cleaner.

    Hoppes #9 Solvent, 4oz

    The classic Bore-cleaning solvent. Dissolves powder fouling and prevents corrosion

    Remington Bore Cleaner, 4oz

    Bore-cleaning agent with mild abrasives. Removes jacketing deposits & polishes bore.

    Gun Cleaning Solvents

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